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Rules for visiting Tallinn Art Hall

Tallinn Art Hall‘s Lasnamäe Pavilion and Tallinn City Gallery offer a contemporary art experience to visitors of all ages. To ensure you have a pleasant visit, we kindly ask you to be mindful of the following:


  • At Lasnamäe Pavilion and City Gallery, we welcome you as a guest and request that you follow the generally accepted norms of polite behaviour. Ther also apply here. Please be considerate of other visitors and events taking place in the venues (guided tours, art classes, educational programmes, etc.).
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted at the exhibition. If you have drinks and food with you, please leave them in a locker (our Visitor Experience Assistant can guide you to the lockers, if needed). You can eat and drink outside of the gallery or pavilion before or after visiting the exhibition.
  • With the permission of our Visitor Experience Assistant, you can consume your own food and non-alcoholic beverages in the courtyard of Lasnamäe Pavilion during the summer season. Permission can be requested from our team members on site. Please ensure that you tidy up after yourself and leave no trace behind!
  • Artworks are not to be touched. Some pieces (with light, sound and fascinating visual details being parts of the artwork) may create an irresistible desire to touch them, but please only consume the art with your eyes. Some of our exhibitions may include works that you can touch or use. These are labelled or clearly displayed as such or equipped with instructions. Alternately, such information may be provided by our Visitor Experience Assistant.
  • Parents or adult guardians are responsible for their children. Exhibitions often feature works that require parental explanation.
  • Well-behaved pets are welcome at the exhibition, but please keep your four-legged friend on a leash. A good owner also always cleans up after their animal.
  • Taking photos for personal use is permitted. However, please ask our Visitor Experience Assistant if you wish to use a tripod and/or flash. If you seek a permit for photographing or filming for other purposes (advertising, newspaper photos, etc.), please write to in advance.
  • There are no toilets inside our exhibition venues. You will find a nice, clean toilet outside the Lasnamäe Pavilion. Please ask our Visitor Experience Assistant for the code to open the electronic lock. Please note that there is no changing table or potty for small children in our outdoor toilet. Unfortunately, there is also no toilet for disabled persons. When visiting the City Gallery, you can use the public toilet on Freedom Square.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please stay at home. We will see you another time! The same applies to people who have consumed alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Please reserve enough time to visit the exhibition, and if you liked the gallery or pavilion, please also recommend it to your friends.
  • If you have any questions or feedback, please approach our Visitor Experience Assistant.


In visiting our Lasnamäe Pavilion or City Gallery and/or participating in our audience programme, you agree to follow the requirements of the safe space. We do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism or any other behaviour that causes discomfort to other visitors and/or employees of Tallinn Art Hall.


The employees of Tallinn Art Hall have the right to request that any violators of the above rules leave the exhibition venue immediately. If such persons refuse to leave, we will call the security team and/or the police.


Not having read or not being aware of these rules does not excuse visitors from the obligation to fulfil them.