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Diāna Tamane. The sea is you

Curator: Siim Preiman

In the upcoming exhibition, Diāna Tamane will exhibit a series of watercolours based on meditation and breathing work, completed in the course of two years. These works are a step towards a body-based practice, where art grows out from life and vice versa – gently and naturally. Synchronised breathing and painting results in intuitive and flowing works that do not consume energy, but rather give it. In her exhibition Tamane reflects on the intertwining of living beings, the cyclical nature of life and the importance of taking time for yourself and of mutual respect.


Diāna Tamane (1986) is an artist whose work so far is driven by her and her relatives’ personal stories. In her works she often combines new photographs and videos with materials found in the family archive, creating bridges between family and society, past and future. Tamane graduated from Tartu Art College (BA), LUCA School of Arts in Brussels (MA) and HISK post-academic residency in Ghent. Her latest exhibitions include Typology of Touch at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (2022), Under the Same Sky at Kogo Gallery (2022) and Half-Love at the Tartu Art Museum (2022).