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Workshop. The Sea is Me

Scientists have calculated that about 83% of our blood, 79% of our heart, 22% of our bones, 75% of our muscles, 85% of our liver, 83% of our kidneys and 75% of our brain is water. Are we really an ocean that has decided to walk on dry land? Are you like this too?


In the workshop The Sea is Me we will try to get in contact with our inner sea through movement, stretching, telling stories and viewing pictures, and also sense how the rivers of different rhythms flow and ripple in our bodies. Some of them are calm and gentle, others are more dynamic and vibrant, or more yearning and dramatic… Where does the sea begin? Until we meet in the workshop to explore these questions, you can shape your hands like seashells and place them on your ears to listen to your inner voice. What can you hear?

Mari Mägi dreamed of becoming a figure skater until the age of five, because it seemed like the best way to be: living every day with music, fast movement and emotion. A lot of water has flowed into the sea since then. Now, the important keywords of her life include body awareness, experiential anatomy, harmony of body and mind, psychophysical integration, Body-Mind Centering®, somatic movement or focusing on the internal movement, dance, movement therapy and improvisation. Pretty much the same things as when she was five, just in a different way.


Please wear comfortable clothes, which would also allow you to lie down.

Place and time: 21 May at 12 noon

Length of the workshop: 2 hours