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Workshops during „Signals from the Periphery“

Curators: Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa

10-13 July Tallinn Art Hall hosts two workshops led by designers and artists taking part in the exhibition „Signals from the Periphery“. The first workshop is by Bart de Baets and Rustan Söderling, the makers behind the fanzine Dark & Stormy. The second is led by David Külen and Nora Turato, the minds that run the tapestry agency Kulenturato.


The participation fee is €50. This includes participating in both workshops and free entrance to the lecture programme taking place 14–16.07 at the Tallinn Art Hall.


Sign up and get extra information here:


Act fast, the number of places is limited!


The results of the workshops can be seen during public presentations. Entrance to these presentations is free.


Tuesday, 11th of July

18.00 Presentation of the workshop by Bart de Baetsi and Rustan Söderling


Thursday, 13th of July

18.00 Presentation of the workshop by David Külen and Nora Turato