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Public programme during „Signals from the Periphery“ 15.07

Curators: Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa

From 14th to 16th July Tallinn Art Hall will host the public programme of the exhibition „Signals from the Periphery“ which includes lectures, performances, film screenings and a pop-up bar.


Entrance with the exhibition ticket – 3€ / 5€. It is also possible to purchase an 8€ ticket that gives access to the Art Hall during the whole weekend.


Timetable on Saturday the 15th of July:

11.00 Doors

11.30 Lecture Kulenturato

12.45 Lecture Studio Manuel Raeder

14.00 Performance Niko Mihaljević

14.30 Lunch

16.00 Juzo Itami film programme: Tampopo (1985)

18.00 Evening programme:

Jung-Lee Type Foundry book presentation: Real-Time Realist

Bar open throughout the evening; music provided by exhibiting designers and artists

kulenturato (NL) is an Amsterdam based studio run by David Külen and Nora Turato, specialised in handmade tapestry, crafted for museums, public institutions, domestic spaces and businesses. Each and every one of their projects has a unique approach and is entirely hand-drawn. They strive to use the finest local materials and dyes exclusively organic in origin. The tapestry is in all its stages developed and crafted in European Union with the production partner, Regeneracija.


Studio Manuel Raeder (DE) is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin since 2003. Studio Manuel Raeder currently consists of Migle Kazlauskaite, Sylvia Lee, Manuel Raeder and studio manager Annette Schryen. Its work includes a wide range of formats, exploring the very boundaries between exhibitions, ephemera, books, type design, editing and publishing to furniture design, as well as curatorial praxis. Studio Manuel Raeder runs the small publishing house BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE in Berlin since 2013, founded initially in 2011 by Manuel Raeder and Manuel Goller.

Niko Mihaljević (CR) is a conceptual artist, graphic designer and transmedia mythographer who lives and works in Zagreb. He studies at the Werkplaats Typografie, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem. His artistic practice explores the metaphysical aspects of the everyday, cultural artefacts and language in a variety of media with an emphasis on conceptual sound art, performance, text, and artist books.