Kristina Õllek.Distorted hands. Installation. 2017

Image Drain

Curator: Anthea Buys

The exhibition Image Drain is inspired by a piece of fiction about obsessions and speculations. Through fictional experiences and situations the curator Anthea Buys shows us the poetics of the passing of time as well as the possibility of emigration and dreams. Without indicating specific dates, the timeline of the exhibition passes several significant milestones in the past, present and future – economic crises, the development of photography, contemporary cloud servers and the creation of images without cameras, using future technologies.



Andrew Amorim (BR/NO)
Victoria Durnak (NO)
Mathijs van Geest (NO/NL)
Carl Johan Högberg (SE/NL)
Henri Hütt (EE)
Toril Johannessen (NO)
Paul Kuimet (EE)
Laura Kuusk (EE)
Antonis Pittas (GR/NL)
Mårten Spångberg (SE)
André Tehrani (NO)
James Webb (ZA)
Kristina Õllek (EE)